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Wissenswertes rund um Telperinquár. 
***Posted by: Tigt ()
***Date: May 14, 2011 07:46PM

Hello! I apologize for barging into a German forum without knowledge of the language, but I opted to learn Spanish. Such is life, I guess.

To get to my point, I learned about Telperinquár through the artists' work on deviantArt, and as a fan of TCGs/RCGs/CCGs I am intrigued. However, I can't find any English information regarding the game, and machine translations have been less than helpful, what with the specific game terms. Is there any chance I could get the lowdown from one of you gentlemen?

I guess I'll chuck in a Google Translate version of the above, just in case:

Hallo! Ich für barging in einem deutschen Forum ohne Kenntnis der Sprache entschuldigen, aber ich entschied, Spanisch zu lernen. So ist das Leben, denke ich.

Um meinen Standpunkt habe ich gelernt, über Telperinquár durch die Arbeit der Künstler auf DeviantArt und als ein Fan von Sammelkartenspiele / RCGs / KVG Ich bin fasziniert. Allerdings kann ich nicht finden kein Englisch Informationen über das Spiel, und maschinelle Übersetzungen wurden weniger als hilfreich, was mit den spezifischen Bedingungen Spiel. Gibt es eine Chance, ich könnte die Lowdown von einem der Herren zu bekommen?

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***Posted by: Tas ()
***Date: May 17, 2011 09:52PM

hello tigt and welcome to our game/forum. smiling smiley
unfortunately there is no english discription or instruction till now but i´d be glad to answer your questions.
let me introduce to you the game: telperinquár is the elfish word for "silver hand". we chosed it as a proper name for a tcg that combines fantasy elements and pen and paper rules in a card game. however, i guess you saw already that telperinquár uses different decks to fight/play against each other. the basis of a deck is a hero(card) which represents its player. at the moment we have four specific heros - warrior, mage, priest and rogue - to choose from. each class has his benefits and shortcomings of course. the type of class a player decides to use shows the way of tactic he wants to use. a mage has creatures and spells, the warrior strong armour and heavy weapons.
there is no best class or strategy to win every single battle. another difference between telperinquár and other tcgs is that we have a special combat system. each attack damage is dependent of a dice. from the pen and paper games we know the miss and critical damage - we have them, too! with that case there is always a chance to turn a game smiling smiley

HAVE A NICE GAME hot smiley

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